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The Harris Company
Makayla Jade, co-owner of The Harris Company, developed a brand distinguished by providing an elevated photo and cinema client experience, propelling the company to reaching six-figures and beyond in less than 3 years by appealing to a niche clientele that places a high value on printed products & photographic art. With a background in business consulting and marketing, paired with a passion for the creative industries, Makayla Jade has been featured in Rangefinder, fstoppers, and Click Magazines, sharing techniques involving business systems, brand marketing, and unique approach to educating clients about the importance of print and investing in heirlooms.

Your favorite photo, what is it of?
My family. 

What is your favorite quote, motto, life lesson, joke or saying?My conference room is filled with motivational quotes, but the thing that comes top of mind is "My family gives me life" This was the last facebook post my husband sister wrote before she passed away suddenly 4 days later.
What is your guilty pleasure?
Sourdough Pretzels and pretending to work out.