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Kesha Lambert

I am a New York based wedding and portrait photographer and attorney admitted to practice in NY. North Carolina born, raised in the Bronx, NY, my parents are Jamaican, which makes me a proud “Jamerican.” I love light, movement, color and emotion and often incorporate these elements in my work. My work has won few awards and has also been published fairly often. I am a lover of cheesy word play, deep thinker, wife to an awesome husband and mom of 3 incredibly brilliant and funny boys including a set of twins; I've learned so much about work life balance during the course of growing my business.

Your favorite photo, what is it of?
My children 

Who would you love to grab a coffee with, dead or alive?
Michelle Obama 

What is the craziest, most adventurous thing you've ever done?
No base jumping over here. Outside of an impromptu trip here and there I'd say changing careers. I am generally a risk taker when it comes to creative pursuits and more play it safe when it comes to financial pursuits. Deciding to leave the "security" of the law career I so heavily invested in was as crazy as it comes for me.