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Kenny is an international award winning wedding photographer from Baltimore who has been published in both national and local publications. His work has allowed him the opportunity to document beautiful stateside weddings as well as several exotic destinations! He is happily married to his wife Mia who is an amazing photographer in her own right! Together they live with their four kids and one fiesty cat! When he isn’t documenting someone’s amazing day, Kenny enjoys eating Pizza and listening to old school hip-hop, while relaxing on the patio!

Your favorite photo, what is it of?
It’s of a groom dancing with his mother after the obligatory Mother-Son Dance.....they danced like no one was looking and it touched me because I never to do this with my mom who died of cancer 3 months before I got married....this particular image really showed the love they had for each other 

What is your guilty pleasure?
Spoonfuls of Crunchy peanut butter late at night! 

What is the craziest, most adventurous thing you've ever done?
Rode down the street on a bike standing on the handlebars and the seat!!